The Clinique Experience


Up until recently I had no idea the amount of amazing services, most of which are complimentary, that were available in duty free at the airport; when I travelled home to Ireland in August I visited the Clinique stand at Stansted airport and I was pleasantly surprised by what was on offer.


I was met by the lovely Yvonne who is part of the Clinique team at Stansted; Yvonne first spoke to me a little about my skin type, where my problematic areas were and what I was looking for in skincare at that moment in time. She then gave me a mini facial to demonstrate the gentle but effective 3-Step programme (which I have shared in more detail here). To tailor my experience even more to my specific skin needs she shared the Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion with me, guaranteeing it would take down my blemishes before my plane landed in Ireland, and the Pep Start Eye Cream to help brighten my under-eyes so I looked refreshed and awake when I arrived at my destination.


Something that I had been very curious about was overnight masks and treatments, and wondered what such products could bring to my current night-time skincare routine, so Yvonne introduced me to the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask; I was already a huge fan of the moisture surge products, so was impressed by the smooth creamy mask that melted into my skin like a regular face cream, but packed much more of a punch when left on overnight.


The Clinique experince is available to anyone; the staff at Clinique stands in Duty Free, no matter where you are travelling from, are willing and ready to help you. I was really impressed by just how much knowledge the staff had not only about the brand and products, but about skincare and specific skin needs too. Sometimes when we’re unsure about what our skin needs, asking an expert is the best step to finding a good solution and the Clinique team are experienced and knowledgeable about what their brand can do for you and your skin.

Passing through the airport is the perfect time and place to stop by for some free advice and demos of different products, plus if you like what you try you will get amazing savings buying from Duty Free. You already have time to put down, so what are you waiting for (other than your flight)? Next time you’re passing through duty free, stop by and say hi and see if you can find some solutions so that your skin is in the best condition when you take off and land!


Some products featured were supplied by Esteé Lauder Travel Retail; all views and opinions expressed are my own.