Beauty Sleep 2: The ‘Overnight’ Mask.


The ‘overnight’ mask has recently been appearing in top skincare lines, taking masks and night-time skincare to a whole new level: a mask that you can apply before bed and leave on while you sleep. I have to admit when I first heard of this concept I had visions of clay mask smudged into my pillowcases and sheets, however the overnight mask is not as messy or complicated as I originally perceived. These face treatments redefine how we think of the face mask, falling somewhere between a thick moisturiser and a cream mask. Once again, the lovely people at Estée Lauder Travel Retail got in touch and sent me out Clinique’s contributions to this growing skincare trend.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ll know what a huge fan I am of Clinique’s Moisture Surge range, so it was only fitting that I try out some overnight moisture surge and see how it compares to other products I have tried from the range. I have been testing two different masks, the Moisture Surge Melting Mask Balm and the Moisture Surge Overnight Masktwo very different formulas but with equally effective results.


Moisture Surge Melting Mask Balm

This product is like nothing I’ve ever tried before, the texture is something similar to a lipbalm or vasaline; the hard balm softens with the heat of your finger tips, glides on like an oil and sits on the skin like a protectant layer, rather than soaking in. Applying an oil on my face before bed went against every instinct I had developed about skincare since I was a teenager, when I looked in the mirror after applying it I had an urge to reach for something matifying and had visions of waking up with blocked pores and breakouts.

However, I’ve learned a lot since my matfying teenage skincare routines, and believe it or not, applying oils to your skin can actually help balance it out and prevent future breakouts; it sounds a bit crazy, but by treating your skin with oils that help build up the moisture barrier while you sleep it prevents the skin becoming dried out during the day and therefore the skin doesn’t need to produce excess oils of it’s own, which when mixed with make-up and germs presents in the air or on your hands, can cause spots and breakouts.

After a night if wearing this melting mask, I wake up to dewy slick skin, but when I wash off what remains of the mask my skin feels softer and more hydrated than ever before. It took some time for me to get used to the sensation of wearing an oil on my face going to bed, but the results can not be argued with. I am really glad that I found this mask before the winter, as I know that it will create the perfect barrier against the drying effects the cold weather has on my skin, especially when combined with Clinique’s 3-Step.


Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

I first tried the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask when I visited the Clinique stand at Stansted airport in August; as part of my mini facial, Yvonne applied this as a last step and said it would be the perfect treatment to protect my skin from drying out on my flight. Unlike the melting mask, this overnight mask is more similar to a moisturising cream and absorbs into the skin; it is lightweight and at first I was doubtful that it would be anymore effective than a normal night cream, however I definitely noticed a difference after my flight as my skin looked dewy and refreshed.

While you may not feel the magic working as you apply this mask before you go to bed, the results are obvious in the morning; my skin feels soft, looks dewy and plump and my complexion doesn’t seem to dull throughout the day after a night wearing this mask. Because of it’s thick, creamy texture this mask also multitasks as a great handcream, and Yvonne also swears by it in winter especially to stop the skin around your nose drying and cracking when you have a cold.


Both of these have found a place on my bedside table and alternate as part of my night-time skincare routine, wrapping my skin up in an extra layer of moisture as I wrap myself up in the cosy layers of my blankets.


Products featured were provided by Estée Lauder Travel Retail. All views & opinions expressed are my own.