SASS: Fem-care just got chic.


The female body is a wonderfully complex organism, that is anything but low maintenance; we spend hours, and often a lot of money on making our hair, face, boobs and the rest of us looking perfect, however one wonderfully complex part between our legs often gets over looked. Our ‘intimates’, as fem-care brand SASS so delicately put it, require a certain type of care in order to not upset the natural Ph balance, and yet there are so few products available. When it comes to fem-care I have always found that products are either very clinical looking or just boring and dull, the kind of products that  you don’t feel comfortable putting in your shopping basket, when really they should be part of our monthly and, in some cases daily routine.

We created SASS when we found how limiting the options out there were when it came to intimate health. The vagina has a delicate pH that can be easily upset, yet there were so few products designed for this. -SASS


When I received some SASS products to try this month I was so surprised by the chic, discreet packaging; they’re the kind of products that you can feel comfortable about carrying around in your handbag or throwing in your shopping basket because they look like skincare products rather than something clinical from a pharmacy shelf. What’s more, SASS products have been designed for the everyday woman, with a range of products to suit every lifestyle and need.

For more information and to get your hands on some samples visit their website!

SASS samples were provided by The Spa PR Company; all views and opinions expressed are my own.