Knowledge is Power | #BCAStrength


I was so happy this month when I was asked to get involved in promoting the BCA Campaign in collaboration with Estée Lauder; Evelyn H. Lauder launched The BCA Campaign in 1992 with the creation of the Pink Ribbon, the universal symbol for breast health, learning that the pink ribbon started with Estée Lauder in the same year I was born made me feel even more personally connect to this wonderful company and it’s biggest philanthropic initiative. I always wear my pink ribbon with pride throughout October, and this year I hope I can help to spread awareness about the BCA Campaign and help women of all ages get involved in working towards a breast cancer free world.

Together, our actions can bring us closer  to a world without breast cancer.


This year the BCA Campaign is focusing on creating a sense of togetherness, and with it the power that comes from joining together to spread the message, raise awareness and educate women on breast health. By wearing the pink ribbon you are metaphorically joining hands and standing together to support those who are going through Breast Cancer either on a personal level or with a friend or loved one; you are also spreading that awareness and reminding women, with a subtle pink hint, to check their breasts and educate themselves on breast health or to pass on this knowledge to a daughter, sister or friend. It is all about working together, we can not defeat this on our own.

It really is something that can never be done by any one person; it has to be done by a group. -EVELYN H. LAUDER


Know How to Check your Breasts…

You should be checking your breasts as often as possible, if you know your own breasts then you will notice any unusual changes. I find that the easiest time to check my breast is in the shower; have a feel for any lumps or bumps as you wash, check your nipples and underarms for tenderness or anything that looks abnormal. It’s also important to look at and check your breast in front of a mirror, maybe in the morning when you’re getting dressed or in the evening when getting ready for bed. Know your breast, feel them and look at them regularly; if you know what’s normal for you and your breasts then you’ll know when something is not right.

For more tips on doing a quick breast check read here.


For more information on the work of the BCA Campaign, how to donate and what Pink Ribbon Products you can buy to support the campaign this October, visit their website. Don’t forget to follow @BCAcampaign and use the hashtag #BCAstrength to get involved and raise awareness this month.