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Get 60% off PrinterPix this October!

A picture says a thousand words, and in the age of digital cameras, instagram and snapchat, while we’re sharing our photos a lot more, we don’t tend to get them printed as much… Continue reading

5 Tips for Composing the Perfect Flatlay.

Who doesn’t love a good, well composed flatlay? There is something so satisfying about beautifully laid out products, and one of my favourite parts of the blogging process is coming up with new… Continue reading

How to Work Productively From Home

Working from home is the dream; not having to set your alarm for the crack of dawn so you can make the commute across the city, no traffic, no train strikes, you could… Continue reading

School Survival Tips

Originally posted on La Bella:
As we head into the third week of September the novelty begins to wear off the new stationary, the books begin to lose that new book smell and…

Gintonica | 5 Reasons to Visit Mr. Fogg’s Gin Parlour.

If you didn’t already see my write up of Mr. Fogg’s Gin Parlour on 5thingstodotoday earlier this week, here it is again just in time for the weekend! There is nothing more british… Continue reading

Regenerate Your Smile

Earlier in the week I talked about the benefits of eating fresh fruit; starting your day off the fruit gives you fast releasing energy from the easily digestible carbohydrates present in fruits (read… Continue reading

The Female Boss Edit

When you’re working on something you’re very passionate about it goes without saying that the highs are very high, but that also means that the lows are rock bottom; staying motivated and inspired… Continue reading

How to Pack for the Sun | ft. Clinique Moisture Surge

Holiday season has arrived, which means planning and getting through the on part of travelling that I personally find a chore: packing! Despite the fact that I am an organised persons who generally… Continue reading


Being a blogger is not something that is just isolated to sitting at a desk behind a laptop or a camera, in fact, as someone who struggles with being socially awkward, blogging has… Continue reading