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As my first post I wanted to share some photo’s from my recent trip to Cesenatico in Italy. It was such a beautiful area, and I tasted so much delicious food and sweets. I was told that the food we know as “pizza” is just a meal dressed to look like what a real pizza is. I was sceptical as to how much truth there was to it but I can confirm that it is no exaggeration of the truth.  Italian pizza is the true pizza andwe have done a poor job to replicate it. I can’t describe how tasty it is, but I recommend that you put it on your bucket list to take a trip to Italy if only to try the pizza.                                                        IMAG1122Italians in general seem to possess some special talent to make the most simplest of foods delicious. Taking pasta, the food of college students and families on a budget, and changing it into decadent dishes. My boyfriend and his family went out of their way to let me experience the local food at its best, and not once did I feel deprived being vegetarian. Though Italians love their meat they don’t cut corners on their fruit and veg either. One of the highlights of my trip was visiting the street market on my last day and stocking up on the mandarins and tomatoes among other things. The fruit and vegetables are so much more tasty; another awakening for my taste buds was discovering what a tomato is supposed to taste like.


IMG_20150102_215419IMAG1105While I wasn’t busy filling my belly we took the time to enjoy some scenery. Cesenatico is a coastal town in Northern Italy and while it is a busy spot during the Summer months, during the cold winter it was eerily peaceful. Large beach front hotels stood empty with the front doors shut, the promenade was empty and I tried to imagine how it would be when the tourist arrive.


Despite to cold we walked the beach, after a morning coffee, and enjoyed to clean air; a refreshing contrast to London. One evening we took a drive up the mountain to the town of San Marino. The further up the mountain we went, the more the snow built up. It was bitter cold as we walked through the snow-covered streets of San Marino but it was worth it for the view that waited was breathtaking. I felt like a child again, overcome with excitement as it started to snow.image-4b74a6f535e45626c7233477fd1e55de596c3ae8187d3040acc60000fd3d115e-V IMG_20150101_113022 IMAG1117 IMAG1120 IMG_20141230_184028

Travelling to Italy reminded me that sometimes the best gifts we can give the people we love are not material things, but memories, laughter and smiles. So I thank my boyfriend for this memorable start to the New Year… I have a good feeling about 2015.IMAG1110