Voya Organic Skincare|#ad

If you’ve been following me for a while now then you’ll know that skincare is something that I am really interested in, so when I was given some samples of a brand that… Continue reading

5 Tips for Composing the Perfect Flatlay.

Who doesn’t love a good, well composed flatlay? There is something so satisfying about beautifully laid out products, and one of my favourite parts of the blogging process is coming up with new… Continue reading

SASS: Fem-care just got chic.

The female body is a wonderfully complex organism, that is anything but low maintenance; we spend hours, and often a lot of money on making our hair, face, boobs and the rest of… Continue reading

Beauty Sleep 2: The ‘Overnight’ Mask.

The ‘overnight’ mask has recently been appearing in top skincare lines, taking masks and night-time skincare to a whole new level: a mask that you can apply before bed and leave on while… Continue reading

Meal Planning Tips for Busy Lifestyles | #AD

What’s in your lunch box today? Is it something healthy? Did you even manage to pack a lunch or do you prefer to grab something in the shop during your lunch hour? When… Continue reading

The Clinique Experience

Up until recently I had no idea the amount of amazing services, most of which are complimentary, that were available in duty free at the airport; when I travelled home to Ireland in… Continue reading

Great British Bake Off Bread Week | Simple White Loaf

Bread week was entertaining last week on the Great British Bake Off and I am looking forward to see what show-stoppers the bakers come up with tonight for batter week. Less of a… Continue reading

How to Work Productively From Home

Working from home is the dream; not having to set your alarm for the crack of dawn so you can make the commute across the city, no traffic, no train strikes, you could… Continue reading