Sunshine Smoothie 🌅

Brighten up your day with this mellow yellow smoothie. -2 thick slices of pineapple -2 frozen bananas – 1 passion fruit Put all the ingridents in a blender (I used my new Nutriblend)… Continue reading

Super Tasty Green Smoothie

The best way to start the day is with a green smoothie, according to the Raw Food Detox. But if you’re like me they can be difficult to stomach, I don’t really enjoy drinking… Continue reading


About 6 months ago I decided to become a vegetarian after watching a documentary called Earthlings. Since then my relationship with food has changed, as has my appetite. Here’s a little about what I… Continue reading

February Favourites

I love February because it’s a short and sweet month, with an excuse to wear pink and red and decorate things with love-hearts. Spring is in the air, the days are getting longer… Continue reading

New Dish of the Week

My new dish this week was really something special; spinach pasta with prawn and sundried tomatoes in a cream sauce. The prawns were fresh and really flavoured the sauce because they were cooked… Continue reading

New dish of the week…

This week’s new dish was prepared for me by my loving boyfriend. It’s curry gnocchi with broccoli and peas. Again this was very simple to prepare, he stir fried the veggies then added… Continue reading

New dish of the week…

This week my new dish this week was a combination of what was left in my fridge midweek: Aubergine, onion, and half a jar of tomato passata. Surprisingly it was actually really tasty,… Continue reading

New dish of the week…

For Christmas my sister gave me a Vegetarian cook book so I could “eat something other than rice and beans”. I don’t eat rice and beans every night, but I do agree that… Continue reading